Emil's 2019/2020 Program Preview
Summary for 2019 / 2020:Various Locations
Retreats and Training Dates
  • October 2019: Philosophy Module for Russel Young's Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali, from 07 - 11 October 2019
  • October 2019: Pranayama and Philosophy workshops in Tokyo from 19 - 27 October. See below for the details !
  • December 2019: a guest lecture at Anouk Aoun/Daniela Wolff's 'Yoga and Ayurveda' retreat at the Satsanga Retreat Centre in Goa, held from 21 - 28 December.
  • February 2020: Conversations in Yoga Retreat held in Goa-India from 03 - 11 February. This 9-day retreat combines Emil's deep yogic work with an opportunity to meet extraordinary adepts and artists on the Yogic path. See below for details !
  • February 2020: Guest lecture on Anouk Aoun's 'Restorative Yoga 50hr Module' held at the Satsanga from 22 - 29 February.
  • April 2020: A Presentation of Yogic Philosophy at Usada, Bali. Please inquire for more details.
  • May and June 2020: In Europe. Workshops in Eschenz-Switzerland, Oedemühle bei Salzburg (see below for details), South of France (closed bookings), Vienna and Liechtenstein are confirmed.
  • July 2020: The dates for the yearly training with Yoga Arts in Ubud-Bali are 27 June to 25 July. Emil teaches a 24 hours module of History of Yoga.

Please contact <emilewendel@gmail.com> for further information regarding these programs in 2019 and 2020. Thank you!
21 - 27 October 2019:Tokyo - Japan
Public Pranayama Sessions at YogaJaya

This is a continuation of the yearly Pranayama and meditation work at YogaJaya's studio in Daikanyama-Tokyo, with an introduction and a daily early morning Pranayama practice - looking at the Indian breath techniques, and putting them into the context of the yogic Sadhana (spiritual journey). 
Each class provides language interpretation. Personal questions regarding home practice are entertained after class.

Information: YogaJaya Studio Tokyo

These Pranayama sessions are usually sold out, so please book early.
26 & 27 October 2019:Tokyo - Japan
Philosophy Workshops at YogaJaya

This year's philosophy workshops are spread over the weekend of 26th and 27th October, each module takes about 3 hours (Japanese interpretation is provided).

Day 1:
A History of Yoga in Pictures - From Beginnings in Ancient India to Modern Postural Yoga

This is a guide through the history of Yoga, using pictures and photos. He will bring the slideshow to life drawing on his long years of experience working, researching and practicing in India and Nepal.

Day 2:
What does it mean 'Modern Yoga' -How does the Yoga practice today differ from earlier classical ones?

This philosophy class goes deeper into the question of identity regarding our practice. We look at the main differences between ancient classical Yoga and the more recent forms that have become popular. In the second half of this presentation, we shall look at how we can make sense of the countless modern schools that offer Yoga, and choose wisely between the options.

Information: Yoga Jaya Studio Tokyo
Feb 03 - Feb 11, 2020:Goa - India
Conversations In Yoga 2020 - A Deep Retreat
This nine-day retreat in India combines Emil's deep yogic work with an opportunity to meet extraordinary adepts and artists of the Yogic path.

Morning sessions of classical Indian music, meditation and Pranayama will be followed by an Asana session that is shared by beautiful Yogini Anouk Aoun.
The afternoons are an immersion into Indian philosophy, as well as details of the yogic processes and physiology of breath and contemplation, all guided by Emil.
A pre-dawn Mantra recital and contemplative moment is shared with professional musicians - Vidya Rao, the Indian Thumri singer, plans to join us again. She is a phenomenal musician and artist (see www.vidyaraosinger.com).

Finally, the afternoons and evenings from Friday to Sunday bring us into a conversation with adepts of the yogic world: a group of extraordinary personalities will be presenting their life story, and open up to interaction with us. Besides Vidya Rao the lineage holder of Chöd, Machig Rinpoche, will again grace us with his presence. Several more adepts will join us for this weekend. Please keep in contact for the details!

Retreat and Conversations will be held at the Satsanga Retreat Centre with its magnificent Nataraja Yoga Hall (see www.satsangaretreat.com). The resident chef and her kitchen team will prepare pure yogic meals for us.

To the left of this page is a sample flyer (for the past retreat in 2019). This retreat fills rather quickly, we suggest to book as early as possible to secure a place.

Although this retreat is intensive in the number of hours offered each day, there is no requirement instead of reasonable physical fitness, and a willingness to participate in the daily sharing.

Information: conversationsinyoga@gmail.com
May 28 - June 1, 2020:Oedemuehle near Salzburg
Asanas and Beyond, with Emil Wendel and Anouk Aoun

This 5-day retreat is designed to immerse the practitioners into both a stimulating postural practice, and the magic that lies beyond the physical aspects of Yoga.

We start early with pre-dawn meditation and Pranayama, followed by a 2 hrs Asana sequence. Postures are taught by the lovely Anouk Aoun, and are presented on levels that do justice to both established and developing Hatha practitioners. Also part of it is the practice of Mouna (silence) during the mornings.

The afternoons are dedicated to yogic philosophy. While the Mühle-Retreats in 2018 and 2019 focussed on understanding and practices of the four chapters of the 15th century Hathayoga Pradipika, the 2020 retreat will be tracing the history of Yoga carried through until the present day.

There are also evening presentations in the form of documentaries to the theme of the day, and discussions.

Information: www.millretreats.at/veranstaltungen/yoga-philosophy-retreat-emil-wendel/
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