Through the application of Prânâyâma in a daily practice, it is said that the yogin starts in earnest the journey within. Some of the breathing techniques are common to all schools of Prânâyâma, and they are practiced at the beginning of the workshops. Prânâyâma is a subtle discipline, though, and as such not each person will benefit exactly in the same way as the other. While the course progresses, and more techniques are introduced, Emil endeavours to assist and guide each student to find his or her own level of intensity and depth of breath in Prânâyâma.

Besides the practical work at dawn, the physical, respiratory and mental processes of these Prânâyâmas are discussed in designated workshops in the afternoons. And finally, our discourses in philosophy provide the theoretical background to the different traditions of the Indian breathing techniques mentioned or practiced earlier in such workshops.

At the end of a course, an appropriate sequence for a home practice is suggested to each individual. A regular home practice over an extended period is essential for Prânâyâma to become the effective tool for such tremendous transformation hinted at above.

Depending on the length of a workshop, the following Prânâyâmas and techniques related to breath work are taught by Emil:
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