Conversations in Yoga 2012Mar 23, 2012  
This eight-day retreat in India combines Emil's deep yogic work with a 3-day opportunity to meet extraordinary adepts and artists of the Yoga path. Morning sessions of sana, Prnyma, Mudr, Mantra, Meditation, and afternoon immersions into philosophy, details of the yogic processes and ritual aspects are all guided by Emil.
Candili Greece 2010Jun 28, 2011  
Emil WendelAug 19, 2010  
Emil remains deeply passionate about philosophy and especially its application in Yoga. He practices and teaches Hatha-Yoga, using a method of merging physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation with discussions on liberating knowledge, to deepen a Yoga practice beyond the mere physical experience.
Goa Shakti Spirit Teacher Training 2009Aug 04, 2010  
Tokyo 2008Aug 04, 2010  
Tochigi Retreat Japan 2008Aug 04, 2010  
Goa Workshop 2008Aug 04, 2010  
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