Firstly, to my family:
To my parents, who gave me life, sustenance through their love, and, despite their affection for the native soil, allowed their son all the freedom to explore other worlds. Thanks to my sister Anita and brother Daniel for their never-failing support. Also I am expressing a belated thanks to my second sister Elsbeth who through her premature death is accountable for my early quest of trying to reach from darkness to light.
Then to my teachers. I cannot but repeat how grateful I am:
To Live Arts and Chrissie Gregory for their patience when introducing me to Iyengar Yoga, to Danny Paradise and Rolf Naujokat for Ashtanga Vinyasa, to Louisa Sear for Vinyasa style and her uncommon trust in my potential as a teacher trainer, to Saraswati Prasad Ghimire for the love he instilled for Sanskrit, to Surya who taught me devotion, to Satyananda Saraswati for his invaluable teachings, and to Clive Sheridan for his loving guidance and the initiation into the tantric universe of Shiva Baba of Bakreshwar, and the joyfullness of it all.
... Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah. I bow in front of you all – may you kindly forgive my shortcomings when I dare to offer your light in my own modest fashion to others.
During my search I had the fortune to encounter uncommon wisdom in a variety of spiritual traditions, among them:
J. Krishnamurti and his school of thought, the Jesuit fathers of Taiwan, the Taoists of the black lineage, the Zen masters of Eiheiji, the great smiling sages of the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition, the Kaivalyadham of Lonavla, the sadhus of Pashupatinath, and the community of the Bihar School of Yoga.
Thanks also to the brothers and sisters who shared part of my yoga sadhana. I learnt from all of you!
Adam How, Annie Miniscloux and Jock Montgomery, Arne Rubinstein, Brian and Judy Hollander, Carroll Dunham and Tom Kelly, Chris Kummer, Consta Georgoussis, Dale and Christopher Davis, David Muehsam, David Swenson, Edward Clark, Gaby Pascoli, Hubert Stollenwerk, Ian Lewis, Julie Martin, Lance Schuler, Liz Warrington, Lynn Poole, Maskelik and Patricia, Matt James, Melissah Clarke, Miranda, Nancy Gilgoff, Ojas Chamayou, Oliver Tieman from Hamburg, Phil Lemke, Prakash Shrestha, Premala, Rachel Hull, Rachel Zinman-Jeanes, Robi and Cicci Visconti, Sandra Caillet, Sue Pendlebury, Swami Rudra, Vishnuswaroopananda, Yuiko Yasuda, the friends of Clive Sheridan’s delightful yoga community, the lovely and supportive gang of Kathmanduites, the one in Goa, and the one of Byron Bay!
Thanks to all the friends who shared the experience of my workshops or a retreat with me. May the knowledge of my teachers, through this humble yogi, have reached you as a blessing!
With thanks to the organizers of these workshops. I do appreciate the kindness, care and effort that went into your work!
Olaf and Vanessa in Eastern Switzerland; Anita, Valeria, Erika and Stefanie in Liechtenstein; Annie, Julie and Rachel in India; Zita and Valeria in Sardinia; Patrick in Tokyo and for my Japanese Retreats; Rie, Haidar, and Kanako in the Kansai region and otherwise; Sue in the UK; David and Laragh in Galway, Lisa and Debbie in Dublin, Ciara and Christopher on Clare Island, Ireland; Marco in Italy, Dagmar, Andre and Tanja in Zurich; Switzerland, Klaudia in Villeret, Switzerland; Annette and Susanne in Hamburg, and Dagmar in Munich; Adam in Pai, Thailand; Sara and Jonas in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Timothy and Erika in Singapore; Rachel and John in Australia; Ingibjörg in Iceland; Joanne, Kate, Billie, Daniel and Patricia in Bali; Hans and Markus for the workshops of NeueWege; the team of Yoga Arts for teacher trainings in various countries.
It needed some strong prodding to overcome my rather deep-seated hesitations regarding websites.
Thanks for that, and for assistance in creating these pages: Cleo and Michael, Adam, Inga, Mark, Tim, Jock and Annie, Stefanie, Viana with her team, and especially Jocasta, my angel.
And finally, with gratitude to those in whom I see light
in the form of love shine most brilliantly:
My Shakti Devi
and my daughter Nora
bali 3000