This intensive retreat is a joint collaboration between Emil and Sue, a Vinyâsa yoga teacher and dance/ theatre artist. Sue is also a musician (violonist), and brings to our retreat a wonderful creativity, a movement and an ecstatic letting-go. Sue teaches most, but not all of the Âsanas, and of course the Kirtan and creative afternoon workshops. It leaves Emil with the classic, more ascetically-oriented instruments of yoga: Prânâyâma, Mantras and Mudrâs, as tools for a still meditation. We will also have quite some exposure to yoga philosophy - dedicated to the understanding of India in general, and of what we are doing every day on the mat or the meditation cushion (in ordinary life, I am an instructor in yoga teacher trainings).

This particular workshop, however, is not addressed to teachers only. The Âsana section is a vinyâsa flow - Hatha Yoga background - with inspiring twists and tempi, and quite some depth. Both Sue and me, though, are not considering Âsanas our main focus - so perhaps you won’t reach new heights if you have perfected the physical as a master of Ashtanga Vinyâsa, or Hatha. We both feel that there are so many good Âsana teachers out there, and then a considerable lack of instructors in the deeper practices - filling part of those gaps is where we feel home.

Prânâyâma is an essential part of the retreat. It'll entail a bouquet of breath work, in the Indian tradition. Ujjayi, Sama Vritti, Viloma, Nadi Shodhana, etc to start with in the first week, then work with stonger retentions, and Mantras and Kriyâs, in the second. I am confident that within these Prânâyâmas introduced there is a deeper experience for all the participants and lots to progress for the intermediate to advanced yogin.

The accommodation at the Satsanga Retreat Center ( is more than decent. Bathrooms attached, water flowing, beds of good quality….. not too noisy, still only 15 minutes by scooter from the beaches of Baga, Anjuna or Vagator. The food is prepared by a chef flown in from Europe, and her wonderful local team. The yoga practice space is superb, with wooden flooring. The owners might even have the swimming pool with the jacuzzi ready…. it doesn’t like the demanding Indian Ashram venture, does it …. But then we are still in India, and that means that things can (or do I say: must) go wrong. OM Namah Shivâya!

The retreat fees are on a double occupancy basis - please enquire about the amount for the present year.
It includes accommodation, all food on site, all tuition. Not included are the flights and the transfers from airport or train station, and, if desired, the rent for a motorcycle or scooter. You can see some pictures at the Gallery page of this website (from September 2010 onwards), and some more information on Sue’s website

There is a small advance fee to be paid, to secure your seat in this retreat.

The retreat hotel only accommodates 26 persons at the maximum, so register early if you wish to book one of the rare single rooms.

For those that come a bit late, or wish for a single room, or bring their families, we help to find accommodation nearby about - 10 minutes by scooter. Don’t worry too much, it has worked out perfectly during all other years.

Participants who have registered with the advance amount will receive a letter with more details around the beginning of December.

I am looking forward to seeing you in India!

This retreat held together with Sue Pendlebury is available for January 2011.
Please click here to inquire about or book this 14-Day Intensive Retreat in Goa.
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